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Who we are?


API China is the Chinese subsidiary of API  Germany ,
founded in Shanghai in 2015.With more than 20 years'
experience,we now are a professional team committed
to  providing  the  efficient and  professional  solutions
for  customers' ;  automatic  product testing , and  also
specializing in system design , software  development,
hardware selection  and purchase  and  software  and 
hardware system integration testing.                             

We have been introducing German high technology and
gathering a group of highly qualified technical personnel.
We  mainly focus on the development and  maintenance
of  all types  of   motor  automation  EOL  ( end  of  line )
detection  systems  and  related   auxiliary   systems   of 
household   appliances , hybrid  cars  ,  auto   and  other
industries.The sincere cooperation between us will surely
promote  the  completion of many projects , and  win  the
praise from customers.                                                      



What we can do?


We  can  provide the related  solutions ,
customize  the software, and supply the
industrial control  cabinets according to
the customer demands, enabling custo-
mers  to better  control  test bench  and
more  effectively conduct tests  through
the  cabinets  ,  and   intuitively   display
the motor  test  results  to customers by
collecting and  analyzing  the  test data .
The  customers are  enabled to  view the
collected  motor test data , and  analyze
the  defects  in   manufacturing  process
with the aid of the customized software,
and  then  adopt the suitable  measures
to improve the product quality.              

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