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Technological Superiority


Improve  test accuracy , save quality cost , and  shorten
test cycle;

Effectively integrate product line with the existing one ;

High traceability: product quality data can be stored to
a database  such as  Access , Oracle,  and  can  also  be
exported   to   excel   ( automatically   switch  to   local
database in case of internet failure , and  automatically
switch  back to  internet and  use  remote  database  if
internet works normally ).

High maintainability of system, customized or extended.

General properties for electric motors to  be  tested
that are covered by the testing system:

Insulating  performance , capacitance ,  hanger , ripple
current, Hall, forward & reverse rotation performance ,
with  or without cushion  pads and the like  as well  as
the integrated test for anti-pinch electric motors.


Related Software and Major
Function Modules of Testing System

Software Type Major Function Modules Installation
Testing Software System operating environment
System equipment calibration
before test
System equipment parameter
Standard process values update by
automatic download (the network
under normal circumstances)
Motor properties testing
Test data storage(local / remote)
Graphical display of test results
Motor under test pass rate
Defective motor unanticipated
overflow prevention
Continuous defective motor alarm
Process value
setting software
Standard process valuesremote /
local setting
Process Engineer
working computer
Data query and
statistical software
Test Data Statistics View


Service Process

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