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Junior Industrial Control Development


Job Description:


1. To complete the assigned software module
development task;

2. To go to the customer’s factory for conducting
the software and hardware installation and commissioning;

3. To perform other related tasks assigned by the customer
and the superior.


Electrical Equipment Engineer


Job Description:


1. To devise the overall scheme of electrical system, and
draw the system’s functional logic diagram;

2. To devise and draw the electrical schematic diagram,
wiring diagram, electric control cabinet diagram and

3. To select the electrical parts and components, and
prepare the list of materials;

4. To communicate with other engineers about system
interface design, mounting location and routing;

5. To finish the on-site electrical equipment commis-
sioning,and analyze and solve the problems arising;

6. To formulate and maintain the electrical technical

7. To prepare the project files and documents according
to the project R&D management requirements;

8. To actively complete other assigns assigned by the


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor or higher degree of computer or related specialty;

  • Priority to be given to candidates who possess remarkable expression and communication
    skills and are fluent in English Listening, Speaking,Reading and Writing;

  • Having 1-2 years’ experiences in C, Java & VB development, and priority to be
    given to those who are skilled in VB development;

  • Being well acquainted with database development;

  • Having great enthusiasm and remarkable understanding, logic analysis,summariz-
    ing and learning powers;

  • Having the team spirit and strong sense of duty, and being careful with work;

  • Priority to be given to candidates who have the basic knowledge of and experienc-
    es in industrial control.


Job Requirements:

  • Obtaining the junior college or higher diploma of electrical or related

  • specialty(technical secondary school diploma being acceptable for
    skilled candidates)

  • Being proficient in using EPLAN, AutoCAD or other circuit diagram drawing tools;

  • Being well acquainted with the wire connection modes and functions of common
    electrical equipment;

  • Be acquainted with basic electrical knowledge, as well as the definitions and part
  • Symbols indicated on the circuit diagram;

  • Being skilled in using electrical tools and Office software;

  • Being able to bear hardship, and being vigorous and enthusiastic about the job;

  • Priority to be given to those who have a good command of English.

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